An open heart can open yourself up to more love. Our heart is what connects us to every living things and to the center of the universe.

the heartist way

When you start listening to your inner guidance, the noise outside of you will eventually subside. As you center you awareness in your heart, this silences your mind’s chatter.

Your true world cannot be found anywhere else. It can only be found within you. What you only see around is just a reflection of your own perception. If you focus yourself on seeing the beauty of life, it is because you have learned to see, acknowledge and accepted the beauty of your own self and  loving all parts including those qualities you’ve been hiding, the darkest part of us or the qualities that has not yet brought into light. Our perceived imperfection are deemed unacceptable to the society.

One of the most underrated qualities you mislook within yourself is your V U L N E R A B I L I T Y.

We have been told that being sensitive is a sign of weakness. “Oh, such a crybaby.” “What a feeble creature.” What you are not told for feeling too much, is that your ability to feel all spectrums of emotions is a special gift. Yes, being highly sensitive is strength. When you learn how to use this gift correctly then you will be able to appreciate it more instead of seeing it as a curse.


What an open heart can do and why is it so powerful?

When you feel deeply and acknowledge how you feel instead of numbing yourself, your heart gently opens. This gives you an expansive feeling of bliss, love, compassion, kindness and all high frequency current.

1. It helps you manifest your dreams.

 When you operate from an open heart, it is so powerful that it  can set deep intentions into motion and bring things into life (aka answered prayers)

2. It can receive and decipher information or messages your mind alone cannot understand.

Words aren’t enough to deeply understand a person. Sometimes their words used can be defensive or harsh, and they are unaware of this. Words carry certain frequencies. Conscious or unconscious, it can either do harm or do good even your intention is pure. But with an open heart, deep messages are uncovered to reveal the truth behind the message. It reads the underlying intention.

3. It brings you back home to your true self.

4. It connects you to the heart of creation,

thus you can speak to nature and people directly and understand them  even without speaking to them.

5. It can feel love and reciprocates it.

A closed heart is unable to appreciate love thus the inability to give it back.


  1. Breathwork, meditation, yoga – can bring you into alignment and back to your center
  2. Journaling –  for venting out which can help you unload your thoughts and emotion and process them  without judgment.
  3. Do things you love doing
  4. Be grateful. “THANK YOU” is such a powerful mantra/prayer. This alone can change your frequency and your environment.
  5. Express yourself in creative ways.
  6. Authentic living – by being yourself, you are aligned to the truth of who you are.
  7. Sharing your personal truth – by just being yourself, you do a great favor for your soul which creates more expansion
  8. Giving more instead of take, take, take.
  9. Be kind and give love to everyone you meet. See everyone as special as you.

In your heart, fear has no place to stay because it only knows love.