Have you ever get the chance to see the full moon tonight? Isn’t that beautiful? It’s wholeness radiates the innerness of you. What do you observe when you look at the moon? Does it bring you deeper into your thoughts, your emotions?

Yes, that’s what full moon does. It reflects and amplifies  your current state of feeling. If you are feeling anxious at the moment, it multiplies. If you feel  gratitude, you feel floating up in the clouds. Full moon is not the only one that awakens you to your self. Everything around you have the ability to effect your life including your loved ones. They can trigger what’s deep within you that you are unconscious of. Everything around you reflects the beauty in yourself, and the shadow part of you – the skeletons your are hiding.

During full moon, energy could be intense. You may feel overly emotional, or extremely happy. It depends on where your focus is at the moment. Whatever destructive emotional and thought pattern that may come up to the surface, it is asking you to sit with it, acknowledge it, and free yourself from it.

Here are some self-care rituals you can use during full moon.

#1 – Clean your space.

Change towels and beddings, organize your wardrobe, dust off your window, arrange the table you are working on, burn oils or incense. A clean room maintains the freshness and flow of energy. It can bring you a clarity of mind that a cluttered room cannot. As you are made of energy, your space has a vast effect on how you think and feel.

#2 – Eat light foods.

Full moon energies are quite intense especially for those who are very sensitive. Eating light and  healthy meals will help you cope with the intensity.

#3 – Fasting or Detox.

If you feel sluggish and heavy on your tummy and head area, your body calls you to do a detox or fasting.

#4 – More rest.

#5 – Bond with nature.

Sit under a tree, get some sunlight, enjoy watching the beauty of the nightsky. Just today, I had enjoyed soaking myself on a heavy rainfall (like a kid) as I missed the waterfalls so much.

#6 – Meditation/ Journaling

#7 – Doing what makes you happy

Make an art, sing your heart, cook your favorite food that you’ve been craving, read a book.

Make this moment a special day for you.

I hope you have a wonderful full moon experience.

Day 2/100