If you are in a place where it challenges you to stay calm in the middle of intense conversation, you are here for a reason. Do you harbor feelings of an angry person and let it affect you in some way?

Highly sensitive people are the one who usually suffer from this kind of take. They could easily absorb energies from people and think of it as their own.

I have learned through my journey to speak up on what I needed to say at that moment. Why? First, it protects my energy. It helps deflect in some way instead of absorbing it from others. Sharing my voice is important especially if it breaks my heart seeing others get so affected to the point they breakdown.

Why do I need to write this topic? I know how it feels before I learned to make boundaries with myself and raise my frequency so that this low form of energy cannot affect me big time.

Empaths are here in this world for very special reasons. They are here to assist in the energetic frequency of humanity, to transmute it into a higher frequency of love, peace and harmony.

Why angry people are not literally bad people

Yes. There are many underlying factors why angry people act a certain way.

First, it is not their intention to hurt others

People with temper does not necessarily want to hurt others intentionally. Suppressed emotions can create blocks within the energetic body. As a result, a person could explode in an untimely manner.

Anger and any emotions are healthy. Your emotions are very important signals to let you know your basic needs. What has helped me to release pent up emotions, is to express myself in healthy creative ways. Or else you’re like a bombshell ready to explode anytime.

Remember when you get angry, people around you will be affected by this lower form of energy. And this doesn’t become healthy anymore. It becomes destructive. And if you are sensitive, you could absorb these emotions like a sponge.

Second, pain is just a projection of one’s unhealed trauma

When your awareness grows, pain can become an ally in improving and healing your wounds. Feeling your emotion is healthy. Trying to suppress your emotion could be disastrous if left unattended. It bleeds in every areas of your life.

Relationships,  career, well-being to name a few. It stops you from attaining true freedom and abundance. It prevents you from experiencing life to the fullest.

We are here to live harmoniously and abundantly and not to suffer. Once you shift your mindset, start to heal traumas and break the patterns you’ve carried from generations, your perspective will start to change.

Your relationships will transition from lack, trauma and fear-based into a love-based filled relationship.

Asking them certain questions can flare up anger

Pain is often disguised as anger. When we cannot look into our own pain, we tend to project this to others. Hurt people hurt people, unconsciously. Sometimes you might feel guilty about blurting out. It is not a best time to ask them mirror questions as it will flare up their anger more. Let them calm down first and that’s the time to talk to them.

How do we treat people with temper?

#1 – Treat them with compassion.

Understand why they are reacting such way. Try to understand and identify the root cause of their own pain. It aids you in understanding better and in recognizing destructive patterns when you learn about their past.

A person who has a traumatic childhood years has significant effect in their psyche and behavior. They will continue to carry fear and traumas throughout their lifetime unless these deep issues have been acknowledged and resolved.

The person can project this pain to others unconsciously. Yet, these do not necessarily identify them as who they are as a person. With this, they need your help and compassion to heal.

#2 All of us are born in light and love.

I believe, in the midst of the worst personalities, there lies a tiniest spark of light within. A person awakens into its truest essence when ignited by others, for instance, by showing love and compassion. This brings them back to its original blueprint.

#3 – Keep yourself centered and be mindful too of your own reaction.

Breathe deep. Do not react instantly. One way to help you be aware of your own reaction is to start the day with meditation. Breathing calms the mind. It brings you balance and prevents you from acting unconsciously.

Crying is a good therapy for you.

People thought of crying as a weak reaction towards a certain stimulus. That could be far from truth. Please know, great people even successful ones do cry. Crying is a form of an emotional release where in you pour out emotions from your body.

Suppressed emotions not expressed can be destructive. The next time it triggers you, you could blurt out painful words into someone. Therefore, try to express your e-motions ( energy in motion) healthily and creatively.

Concluding thoughts

In conclusion, your anger can be converted into higher energy by creating new habits through expressing yourself creatively and healthily. Dance. Exercise. Sing your heart out. Laugh and enjoy life.

For empaths and highly sensitive people, you are here not to suffer and take people’s energy and take them as your own.

Firstly, you are here to harness your own energy. So, by the next time you encounter difficult situations, you will know how to transmute them into higher frequencies.

Second, it takes so much practice and awareness to transmute energies. You cannot destroy energy. You can only transfer or convert it with an open heart.

Third, it doesn’t mean you know a lot, you already know everything.  Many old souls are coming to Earth to help humanity disguised in young bodies. It does not necessarily mean you are older, you know better than anyone and vice-versa.

Honestly, the more I learn and be aware of the world, the more I realize that I just know only a  fraction of what is really out there in these vast universe.

Above all, the world we live in is so intuitive and intelligent. The more we learn about it, it expands and expands boundlessly.

This is why growing and learning something new everyday can expand your awareness. We are a micro of this macrouniverse.

Bring in more LIGHT. Give away more LOVE.

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