How often do you try to silence your soul on what it’s calling you to do? We all have these moments where in our hearts speak more louder than what we currently do which doesn’t resonate much with our soul anymore. We do, and still continue to do same. Why? Most of us suffer a disease to please others. We want to help them because it makes them smile and seeing that smile on their face when you support them with what they do is what keeps you going.

But how about you? What do you do when that time comes your heart is knocking for your attention to serve your soul’s calling? Do you try to silence it? Pretending you don’t hear anything?

I must admit I’ve been ignoring this call for a long time. It scares me people would know who is really the Joy behind what people see.

But I am here to serve my soul. I  make this as a challenge to break the barriers within me that’s keeping me to live my best life authentically that is serving my highest good. I admit this is the biggest challenge and decision I will ever make at this moment.

As you are reading this, I couldn’t say I’ve never doubted if I should ever post this or not. Since I was accustomed into writing only to express myself for myself, confusion and fear has never left me. However this time has come that I have to push myself outside my comfort zone.

When you surrender yourself to your soul’s calling, you will feel an intense fear and resistance towards it. But there is some kind of a Great Force that pushes us past that fear, a guidance from a Higher Power. It may seem not to make sense at the moment.

But what we can do is to have an open mind and trust that everything is serving our  greatest and highest good.

 If writing has served me for years to heal and express myself, I hope a line or two will inspire you today.

Officially, I’m announcing it to the universe to accept my soul’s challenge into taking my writing to the next level. 

As I serve my soul, I hope on my journey, it could serve you as well.

Thanks for reading! Drop some love below.

Signed with love,

Joy 8/3/2020

Day 1/100