Few weeks ago, I saw this little crawler while sowing seeds. Other times, it would just come while I’m getting my hands dirty and really find it so cute especially its color. And wonder if I can put it on my compost bin to hasten the process of decomposition.

Several times I saw it on a pot and exclaimed, “Aha, I found your home.”

I just thought it would be happier to choose its home freely. So I thought of other way to source earthworms. And began to forget for weeks.

Days had passed and remember it would be time to mix my compost. Just today after opening, OMG! To my surprise, three of them are moving around my compost. So I attracted not just one but three! Amazing!

Thank you, my heart’s full.

Just a short beautiful message I’d like to impart from my new earth friends:

  • Ask gently. The universe hears you.
  • Never force anything. To attract things or events, just appreciate what’s in front of you. It will just come and surprise you one day.
  • Let things happen the way it should be.
  • Let the things and people you love grow and bloom into whom they are meant to be.