Do you feel other people’s emotion and easily absorb them? Do you feel so much love and think your heart could explode?

Have you ever noticed after you walk inside a room with great enthusiasm and energy then your workmate told you her boyfriend cheated on her, she was so devastated and you comforted her. “Thank you for listening. I’m feeling so much better now,” she told you. “You are welcome, friend. I’m just here whenever you needed someone to talk to.” And suddenly, your energy has gone down. You had started losing your clarity of mind and your performance at work was never productive. Sounds familiar, right?

So now, what is an empath?

One of the trademarks of being an empath is the ability to feel and attune to subtle energies. They are able to sense people’s emotion and can absorb them in their bodies because of their highly sensitive nature. They can feel animals and their environment

As an empath myself, I have struggled for this for a long time. Watching tv or news don’t appeal to me as most news focus on the world’s issues and may spread fear which can be an overwhelming experience. I have food sensitivities and even electronic devices such as cellphones or computer when engaging with them for too long can become exhausting.

What was the unforgettable experience you ever had as an empath?

Back in 2012, I was on a training at a beautiful resort in Cebu away from the city. One time, we visited an old house looking for a new space where we could transfer. It was just weird how it felt. It looked murky and dark. After leaving the house and went back to our boarding house, I sat on my bed and suddenly cried intensely for no reason, gulping some air, catching my breath. My friends was surprised and worried at the same time. Our landlady came in and asked me what happened. Only that I knew when she told me there were two people who were murdered in that the old house, an old man and a child.

Here is an imagery personality test you can try with. I tried and this is my result.

Source: Only True Empaths Can Pass This Imagery Test – Personality Test

If you have an interesting story, you can share them below. And hey, if you tried the test, let me know how it went.

PS. Stay tuned for empath series and learn about my coping tools on my next posts.