Heartist Ph

About Me

Hi there Lovely Soul,

Welcome to my space!

Before you hover around my inner world, let me shower you blessings of love, peace and abundance.

I created this sacred space to share with you my journey and some tools I use as I grow deeper into awareness and how to navigate my inner world to find alignment with my highest purpose. I am here as I represent my Great Ancestors who came here before me. I am writing to serve my soul’s calling.

I always believe there is a Great Intelligence that animates us all moving us in uncertain direction and in subtle way to fulfill its purpose through us. All we have to do is TO SURRENDER.

I am so glad that you are here. May this space serves as an inspiration with the intention to spread more love, awareness, self-healing, and self-empowerment as you walk your own path into deeper awareness of yourself.

It’s my pleasure to share pieces of my mind, my heart and my soul with you and with the universe as a whole.

Love and light,


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