Anger is an unrelieved stress that when not used or expressed properly,  it can be destructive most especially if it is being channeled into another person. The person may receive it and can absorbed into their body. This can result into headache, dizziness and can be fatal if they have health complications like hypertension, heart problems, etc. that could aggravate it.

How can anger be  expressed in a non-destructive way?

First, see to it the way you channel your excess or blocked energy won’t hurt you or others. By?

Channelling them into something creative that will support your mental and physical health.

#1 – Movement

One of the healthiest way to express your excess energy or stucked energy like anger, depression, anxiety is to move the body. This frees those blocked energies . Working out, swimming, running, for instance.

If you have sedentary lifestyle or most of the time spent sitting for hours at work, set time to move your body. Notice when you sit for hours, you can feel body pains and discomfort. This is due to poor blood circulation. As a result, the brain does not receive much oxygen which can reduce your mental and physical performance.

I have learned on my journey that discomfort in the body can trigger certain emotional responses. We attach certain emotions on the outside stimulus like people or situation that overtime becomes a pattern of our own response.

Stucked energies = blocked emotions

A few of the symptoms are headache, body pains, mood swing, brainfog, difficulty of breathing, uncontrolled emotional response such as anger.

Move the body to release it.

#2 – Creativity

You are born creative. By expressing yourself creatively, you tap into your own nature. Notice the moment when your are being creative. Do you feel lost in time? That’s when you know you are connected to your inner self and to the universal consciousness.

Any creative outlets are great to express excessive energy. Do what you enjoy like singing, painting, journaling, dancing, cooking, baking. This keeps your energy flowing and glowing.

#3 – Awareness: Sit with your anger

One of the most effective way to reduce temper is to sit with your own anger. Acknowledge, understand, and feel them. See which area of the body feels pain. Breathe into it and release. Focus on that until you feel lighter.

Ask yourself some questions to dig deeper into your issues.

  • Why am I angry?
  • Am I trying to control someone because I want him to be like me or act like me?
  • Where did I first feel angry?
  • Does it come from my parents?
  • Does anger has become my identity?
  • Am I anger?
  • Who am I? Do I want to be ANGER?
  • Do I like to be called a person who has a bad temper?
  • Is it healthy to express anger by channeling it to others?
  • Will they be happy about it or will they be hurt?
  • Is it worth to be angry?

Ask yourself many questions until you get to  the root. When you become aware of results of your own actions, it motivates you to change how you manage yourself and how to react in certain situations.

#4 – Set healthy boundaries

Another reason why people blurt out with uncontrolled emotions is that they fail to communicate their needs properly. Explain in a calm voice how you want your needs be met, so that the recipient understands and receives it effectively.

#5 – Rehearse a new healthy response

You may ask how is it possible to create a new healthy response with practice? Yes, by visualizing on how you want to respond in a certain situation, you rewire your brain for a new response when you are triggered emotionally.

You may ask certain questions like:

  • How do you I want to respond – collected and calm?
  • What tone of voice and words should I use – gentle and effective?

Practice it and you will see a big difference.

Concluding thoughts:

In conclusion, by changing your pattern on how you deal with your excess energy in a healthier way, it becomes a new habit and becomes your personality or personal reality.

It takes time to break the habit of being  your destructive self.


You have created a pattern in yourself that everytime you become angry, you will raise your voice, shout and do other destructive habits. This releases certain chemicals within your body and it becomes addictive. Your body is intuitive like a computer. How you program it is how you teach your body to respond a certain way. Overtime it becomes autopilot. It becomes your reality.

You feel good when you channel your anger. But is it healthy too for others to receive them? Ask that again. Will they feel good about it? Or hurt them?

You have the will to change. Don’t let your body become the mind. Program your mind to carry certain instructions for the body.

Day by day. You can do it. It is not a one quick scheme. It takes will, awareness, new perspective and a lot of practice to change how you want yourself to react in a certain situation.

Exercise to release more happy hormones.

Express yourself creatively.

Channel this fire energy into your heart.

You are not ANGER. You are LOVE.

Remember that.

I love you!


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